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Q:  What is HEMP?  

A:  Hemp is a naturally occurring compound found in Cannabis plants. The plants produce it as a defense against pests, pathogens, molds, intense UV rays and extreme weather aka. Stressful conditions!

Hemp can be derived from Hemp and Marijuana plants- both of which are in the Cannabis plant family. Hemp interacts with the body in a way that’s been shown to regulate relaxation, pain relief, sound sleep, mood, the immune system, memory, and other important functions like STRESS response! Nice, huh?

Q:  Where does Hemp come from?  

A:  Our hemp extract is made from rich hemp flowers. It is 3rd party tested in a lab for purity to ensure it’s free of pesticides, herbicides and solvents.

Q:  Will Hemp be intoxifiying or will it make me high?    

A:  No. Our products are THC FREE and will not make you high. It is not mind altering hemp is NOT limited to medicinal purposes. Consumers can benefit from the use of hemp and can enjoy sharing it socially/recreationally.

Q:  What does it feel like to drink Kleer?  

A:  Drinking it can best be described as gently relaxing. The effect is subtle and mellowing.  The sparkling water helps relax muscles and KLEERs out symptoms related to anxiety, stress and mental fatigue to be more productive. Along with physical and mental health benefits such as enhanced concentration, reducing muscle fatigue, etc.

Q:  Is Hemp legal?   

A: Our Hemp is extracted from industrial hemp (not marijuana) is legal in all 50 states. If you have concerns we encourage you to double check with the local legislation in your area.


Q:  Are Kleer beverages sweet? Do they contain sugar?  

A:  Kleer is made using glycerin based Hemp extracts. The refreshing all natural gain clarity –  KLEER drinks have zero sugar, are NON GMO and less than 15 calories!

Q:  What flavors are available? 

A: Kleer beverages come in three delicious flavors; Passion Orange Guava, Berry Blast and Cucumber Lime! It’s a beverage vacation!

Q:  What makes up Kleer?  

A:  Kleer is made up of oil-free and water-soluble ingredients made with 25mg of hemp extract per 12oz. Kleer Beverages are powered by SōRSE technology, one of the only proven water-soluble cannabis emulsions to offer optimal function and optimal taste.



Q:  How much does it cost?   

A:  You can purchase Kleer online at; each shipment includes 12 twelve-ounce cans. Cost is $55 Shipping Included! It’s sort of like buying an expensive craft beer, sans the alcohol with benefits.   

Q:  Can I set up routine shipments?   

A:  Yes you can. We offer a one-time shipment, bi-weekly or monthly recurring shipment. Any flavors or mixed case can be shipped too.

Q:  How quick do you ship?   

A:  Most orders are processed and shipped out within 1-2 business days. We do not ship on weekends or postal holidays.



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